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The small fishing village of Newhaven lies at the far north edge of England. Even in better times it was not much of a village, but in recent years the low harvest of fish and other events have turned the village destitute.  

The Hunters arrive by carriage to the outskirts of the village after one of their own went missing in the area. Their mission is to find the whereabouts of their fellow hunter and investigate the area for any supernatural dangers.


Shadows Under Newhaven is the fourth Scenario of our Convention Scenarios Collection that was introduced at one of our Events in 2017.


It is a Rules-Light scenario created with the awesome MORK BORG game system.


A 112 page Book filled with maps and monsters, that takes the players on a journey to the cursed village of Newhaven. Our Quickstart Rules section explains the rules for the Game Master in order to run the scenario, with simple examples for better understanding.


A detailed Map Package, containing five maps of the most important locations of the village and the handouts that the GM can give to the players.


Five pre-generated character sheets, including the Hunter, the Beast, the Arcanist, the Ranger and the Faraday's Disciple.


Disclaimer: Some of the artwork featured in this scenario was generated using artificial intelligence (AI) and subsequently refined using image editing software. Apart from enhancing the scenario and enriching the narrative experience, it serves no other purpose. The creators of this scenario do not claim ownership of the artwork used.

Shadows Under Newhaven

12,00 €Price
VAT Included
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