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"A persistent and otherworldly sound beckons you to awaken from your slumber. The command seems impossible to heed at first, but gradually, your mind responds, urging your eyes to flutter open. As your vision adjusts to the peculiar surroundings, bubbles dance and twirl, drifting gracefully before you.


The sound that enticed you, resonates in perfect harmony with a colossal, pulsating red light, which flickers on and off in a rhythmic cadence. Your feet do not touch the floor. It seems you are floating…


REBIRTH is the third Scenario of our Convention Scenarios Collection that was introduced at the Comic Con Thessaloniki Convention 2017.


It is a Rules-Light scenario created with the awesome CY_ BORG game system.


A 122 page Book filled with maps and monsters, that takes the players on a journey to know their true identity and purpose, while they try to escape from a ravaged laboratory. Our Quickstart Rules section explains the rules for the Game Master in order to run the scenario, with simple examples for better understanding.


A detailed Map Package, containing the two maps of the laboratory and the handouts that the GM can give to the players.


Five pre-generated character sheets.


Disclaimer: Some of the artwork featured in this scenario was generated using artificial intelligence (AI) and subsequently refined using image editing software. Apart from enhancing the scenario and enriching the narrative experience, it serves no other purpose. The creators of this scenario do not claim ownership of the artwork used.


12,00 €Price
VAT Included
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