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"In the midst of the bleak reality of the World of Ashenar, you find yourself as one of the Fallen - a human once, now trapped in an undead state, eternally hungering for the essence of life. Confined within a prison, your sole purpose is to satiate the insatiable desires of the upper echelons of the undead, known as the Well Fed."

Prepare to fight in the cruelest arena of the World of Ashenar

The Coliseum of the Fallen.

Coliseum of the Fallen is the first Scenario of our Convention Scenarios Collection that was introduced at the Comic Con Thessaloniki Convention 2023.


It is a Rules-Light scenario created with the awesome MÖRK BORG game system.


A 102 page Book filled with maps and monsters, that takes the players on a perilous journey from their cell to their freedom. Our Quickstart Rules section explains the rules for the Game Master in order to run the scenario, with simple examples for better understanding.


With the delivery of the book, you will receive a CODE that you can use at our E-Shop, in order to download the digital version of the product for free along with the following:


A detailed Map Package, containing the three maps of the Coliseum in normal and high resolution formats.


Six pre-generated character sheets, including the Thief, the Cleric, the Entropian, the Fighter, the Sorcerer and the Hunter.

Coliseum of the Fallen

12,00 €Price
VAT Included
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